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By Jo Lee, Mar 21 2017 07:29PM

How many Chinese do you find are over-weight or obese???

My views

I am always disgusted with the many TV chefs that claimed eating Chinese food in restaurants or having a Chinese take-away, to be unhealthy. Anything deep fried, cooked in heavy sauces, or have high sugar content; are going to have high calorific values. This would be unhealthy if eaten every day or in volume, whether in an Asian catering establishment, or in any and every catering establishment.

Another dreaded ingredients in Asian cooking is the misuse of MSG ( mono-sodium glutenmate ). In itself, MSG, is not unhealthy. Most manufactured dishes contain some form of MSG, also known as taste enhancers. Look at your pack of manufactured crisps or snacks. Take a look at the labels of your favourite ready meals.

By Jo Lee, Mar 21 2017 07:20PM




Your special dietary requirements will be easily accommodated in Club Eurasia

The flexibility of Club Eurasia’s ability to meet your unique dietary requirements comes from the style of cooking in Far Eastern cuisine.

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If you are dining with non-vegetarian or non-vegan friends, you will not feel that you are the odd one out. Just let us know, your special requirements when ordering.

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