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Healthy Cooking Methods...

By Jo Lee, Mar 21 2017 07:29PM

Asian cooking methods are very healthy.

Ingredients are briefly woked or steamed in high temperature, thereby, maintaining all the essential nutrients, in the fresh vegetables, using minimum oil.

The use of oil in Asian cooking is minimal, because, oil was one of the most expensive ingredients, in the olden days. Until recent years, oil for cooking can only be obtained from lard ( animal fat). I always remember, my mother would processed a pot of pig fat for the oil had was needed to be used in recipes. This pot of lard, about the size of six half pound butter size, would have to last us, the whole month. That is for a family of ten ( my parents, my siblings, two uncles and one grandfather). This equals to 0.16 ounce of fat per day per person.

Steam cooking is so healthy. No oil required, although a teaspoon is always enhancing. This type of cooking was used by the Chinese, now widely adopted in western cooking and in many Western catering establishments.

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