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Food as Nutrients or Medicine

By Jo Lee, Mar 21 2017 07:31PM

1. Fuel was an expensive ingredient in cooking in olden days, therefore, you will find cuisines from some of these Asian countries, developed dishes, that minimise the use of fuel, thereby, creating dishes, which do not lose its nutrients, due to the overuse of heat. For example, sushi and kimchi.

2. The Chinese cuisine treats food as Nutrients. I always remember my father telling us, that three balanced meals a day, are better than all the medicine in the world for health. Of course, this is simplistic notion. However, if you look at the recent acceptance and adaptation of basic Chinese nutrients in healthy cuisine development, this basic theory had been proven by centuries of observations and tested by time. For example, take sea cucumber. New Zealand is now harvesting and collecting sea cucumbers, for its health giving qualities, to assist human health.

The NHS could learn from this. All the information about Nutrition is useless; if the care is not given to ensure all recovering patients, are consuming the required nutrients, for the body to recover. More beds in hospital would be released not only by employing good Dieticians but also by employing people to check and to monitor food/nutrient consumption and intake. I have learnt this fact by experience. Twice my aged mother in law were given the ‘death sentence’ and upon rushing to her bedside and then making sure she was consuming the required nutrients, twice she had recovered from her ordeal. Hospitals supply food to patients upon Dieticians’ advice. Many do not make sure that their patients do eat the food they supply nor monitor food consumption. NHS managers, please take note.

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