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Eat Healthy @ Eurasia...

By Jo Lee, Mar 21 2017 07:31PM

1. Choose steam dishes. For example, steam rice are healthier than egg fried rice. It is also better at enhancing the characteristics of main course dishes

2. Choose stir fry dishes

3. At Eurasia, all our spices are made in house, so only fresh herbs and spices are used, where possible. For example, cinnamons cannot be fresh but chillies, lemongrass, galangal; etc, are fresh.

4. Balance the meal by having a selection of seafood, meat and vegetables to give you all the necessary nutrients. Meat is good for iron, etc; whilst seafood gives you iodine, and vegetables the vitamins, etc. Balance carbohydrate, proteins etc.

5. Our dishes are tailored to the ‘ requirements’ of the majority. However, our cooking methods allows us to tailor also to individual health requirements. Ask for less salt or less sugar or less oil; in accordance to your healthy requirements and your taste buds.

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