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The food offering will be a fusion of the West and East, but in a pub environment.  The ‘uniqueness of Eurasia, in the form of Jo Lee, will continue to exist in the Private Dining Room.  The Eurasian menu will be smaller with emphasis on Peranakan cuisine, and the cuisine of Malaysia.  WATCH THIS SPACE.  I hope many of friends of Eurasia will continue to support me in this Re-birth of The Royal George Hurst Green


It is with great sadness that I have decided that Eurasia must close.  Twenty-three years ago, Jo took on The Royal George Hurst Green, a sadly neglected beautiful building, which was considered a ‘White Elephant’.  From this elegant, sadly neglected building, Eurasia was born.

Eurasia was born out of my passion for the cuisine of my birth.  My sons had always told me that I took the most difficult route in the food business.  Instead of giving people what they think they want, I try to introduce people to eat ‘real good honest food.  

In the last 23 years I have had loyal and consistent support from customers, many of whom have become personal friends.  In 2011, after the fire caused by faulty installation of the ventilation system, I had debated as to whether it was Fate calling time on Eurasia.  

However, I decided to start again, and for the last eight years, Eurasia has reached more people, with many travelling well over an hour to dine with us here at Eurasia.  I hope this will continue to happen, at The Royal George Hurst Green, in my Private Dining Room, which will be called the ‘Penang Room’ after the state of my birth.


I started Eurasia in my 40s and now I am in my 60s.  All good things have a FINAL DAY.  The time has arrived.  Eurasia as it is today, must evolve with me.  I hope to able to use this change to take Malaysian cuisine to the next level in the Penang Room at The Royal George.

For many of my loyal takeaway customers, I would like to bid all a final ‘Good-bye’.  I hope Eurasia has left ‘good memories’ with you.

For those customers, who still have in their possession, the loyalty bonus card, you will be able to use these vouchers when The Royal George Hurst Green emerges from the ashes of Eurasia.


Monday, Wednesday


Dinner 5:30pm - 11pm*





Thursday - Sunday

Lunch 12pm - 2pm

Dinner 5:30pm - 11pm


*Last orders 1:30pm for lunch / 10:30pm for dinner.













The End of an Era – Goodbye from Eurasia


Eurasia will serve its final food on February 16th 2019.

The takeaway facilities will cease from this date and our a la carte restaurant in its present form will also cease.

In its place, The Royal George will be reborn.  The main restaurant and bar will return to its original function, that of a public house, which was a former Coaching Inn; providing refreshment and a meeting place for friends and family.  The ambience of these rooms will change to that of a public house, where people can meet friends and family for drinks and a chat, and place for their four legged friends.